The Australian Running Festival

The Australian Running Festival: Promoting Health and Fitness through Running

The Australian Running Festival will be held on April 12-13, 2014 in Canberra. The highly anticipated event will feature runners of all levels, along with joggers, pushers, and walkers. As part of this exciting festival, participants wil

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World Diabetes Congress – Melbourne

The World Diabetes Congress will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne from the 2 – 6th December 2013.

This Congress promises to be one of the largest medical conferences ever held in Australia and will bring together around 12,000 delegates to discuss the latest findings in Diabetes

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Low Back pain tied to flat feet: Study

On the internet there's quite a lot of information available supporting what we believe, that low back pain is often be associated with flat feet and over-pronation.  A recent study from the Institute for Aging Research in Boston, USA suggests that particular in women back pain can be caused by the position

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2013 College of Podiatry Conference

Will Munroe from Footlogics, UK will be attending the College of Podiatry Annual Conference and Exhibition to be held in Liverpool from the 13th – 16th November.  This conference focuses on furthering the education and on-going development of its members.  With an expected audience of over 1,000 participant

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Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) 2013 Conference


The APA Conference is being held in Melbourne from the 17th – 20th October.  The Conference will be bringing together some of the biggest names from Australia and overseas to show 'New Moves' in the physiotherapy industry.  With an expected audience of more than 2000 physiotherapists it pro

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7 Ways to Treat Plantar Fasciitis

Athletes and sporting enthusiasts may be seen as tough and physically able in their respective games and sport, however, there are many things that can slow them down. As athletes and sporting enthusiasts are always on the go and constantly test their body limits, their bodies regularly take a lot of pounding that can

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